610 N. Maple

Russell, KS 67665

701 N. First Street

Natoma, KS 67651

The Pohlman tradition of excellence started in 1898, when Adam Henry Pohlman opened his mortuary in Natoma, Kansas. At that time, as was customary, Mr. Pohlman also owned and operated Pohlman’s Furniture Store in Natoma and ran both the funeral home and furniture store until he died in 1932.

After Adam Henry’s death, the two businesses were passed down to his son, A. F. Pohlman. In 1930 A.F. and his wife Irene had a son they named Adam Henry Pohlman II. In 1966, Adam Henry Pohlman II, his wife Marjorie and two children moved and opened Pohlman’s Mortuary in Russell, Kansas. Henry acquired the Natoma location after his father retired in 1975. Henry and Marjorie have served the Russell, Natoma and surrounding areas for over 50 years and are still very active in the funeral home daily operations. In 2003 Henry sold the mortuary to Ronn and Ty Heise, they owned and operated the mortuary until Ronn’s death in January 2006. On April 1, 2006 Ty sold the mortuary to Don Varner and Darren Peeler, both were from the El Dorado, Kansas area. With Henry’s watchful eye and helping hand, Don and Darren hope to continue the Pohlman tradition of excellence for many years to come.