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610 N. Maple

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Why Plan ahead for a Funeral?

There are many reasons why a person plans a celebration of life funeral plan. A person may want to pre-plan a funeral for themselves, a family member, a close friend or person who is unable to make arrangements due to physical or mental disabilities. Our professional staff can help walk you through everything involved. We can answer all your questions to help you and your family feel secure knowing your funeral arrangements are clear and ensure your funeral wishes are being followed. We are here to not only help plan a funeral but to help you celebrate a life lived.

Easy to Plan Ahead

Complete the form, meet with a member of our funeral home staff and have your funeral plans in place, giving comfort to you and your family knowing your funeral plans are complete.

You Decide

Preplanning a celebration of life funeral is a very personal and unique experience. It allows you to control what decisions are made regarding arrangements, merchandise, funeral location, songs, casket bearers, funeral dinner, etc.. These plans should also be shared with your family or close friends so they have a clear and concise view of your funeral plans. Gaining this valuable input allows you to arrange your funeral plan so it can include wishes from your family and friends that you may not have thought of before.

Relieve Your Family's Burden

Preplanning your celebration of life funeral ahead of time helps relieve your family from the burden of having to make funeral decisions after the loss of a loved one. It allows your family and friends to focus more on the grief process and caring for surviving family. It also helps relieve your family of the burden of answering questions and making funeral decisions during one of the most difficult times of a person’s life.

Can I prepay a funeral and cut costs? YES!

Prepaying for your funeral can save you money because you are paying today’s costs. Your money is protected by being placed into a third party, interest bearing, financial institution. This protects the funeral plan from inflation because the interest earned is used by the funeral home to offset rising funeral costs. It also prevents your family from having to bear the burden of paying for the entire costs of your funeral. Ask our funeral professionals on how prepaying your funeral can help to guarantee funeral home services and merchandise costs.

What happens if I move?

All our funeral plans belong to you and are not paid to the funeral home until the time of death. If you move to a new city or state, our prepaid funeral plan funds can be transferred to another funeral home and are accepted by any funeral home you wish to use. If you do decide to transfer your funeral plan, services and merchandise guarantees are void with the original funeral home and must be renegotiated with the new funeral home.

Can KPERS and Life Insurance policies be transferred to the funeral home? YES, they can!

KPERS has a $4000.00 death benefit plan that allows and recommends that you designate the death benefit to a funeral home. If the KPERS death benefit is designated to a funeral home before the death occurs, KPERS will pay the funeral home the full $4000.00. If the death benefit is designated to the funeral home after death, KPERS will take $800.00 in taxes out of the benefit and only pay $3200.00, so we recommend transferring the KPERS death benefit before a person’s death.
Life Insurance Policies can also be transferred to the funeral home to help pay towards your funeral expenses. They can be transferred prior to a death or used to help pay for a funeral after death. Ask your funeral professional how transferring a life insurance policy can help cover your funeral costs.

KanCare Benefits: Can I preplan my funeral if going on KanCare? YES!

If you or someone you know is going on KanCare and completing a spend down of assets, you are required to use excess funds to help preplan your funeral. Preneed and KanCare funeral plans are also considered non-assets and are protected from local, state and the federal government and can only be used towards your funeral plan by the servicing funeral home.
Ask our funeral professionals on how prepaying your funeral can help to guarantee funeral home services and merchandise costs and help you qualify for KanCare.