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What is a Burial Vault and why do you need to buy one?

Clark VaultBurial Vaults are containers used to encase the casket prior to burial.  A casket is not designed to withstand the weight of the earth surrounding it, as well as heavy equipment driving over the grave.  Burial vaults are used to give protection for the casket as well as prevent severe settling of the grave.  Burial vaults are not required by law but, in most cases, are required by most of the cemeteries located in Kansas. 

Why do you use metal vaults and why do you use Clark Grave Vaults?

There are many manufacturers when it comes to burial vaults with three main types of materials used to make them, including metal, concrete and heavy plastics. Pohlman-Varner-Peeler Mortuary chose to use metal vaults because we feel the design and materials are superior to concrete and heavy plastics. We have manufacturers who can provide vaults made of concrete and heavy plastics if our client family prefers those products, but we choose to carry and endorse metal vaults to our community. Just like our caskets, we wanted a manufacturer that not only provided high quality
products and craftsmanship but we also wanted them to be 100% American Made! We chose Clark Grave Vaults because they have been in business in the U.S. since 1898 and are the funeral industry leader in metal burial vaults. Clark Grave Vaults have proven to be superior to concrete and plastics and provide security that only metal vaults can give.